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Get More Out of Your Life Now!

Discover how asking Smart Questions can help you get your subconscious to do what YOU want...

Your subconscious acts on whatever your conscious mind tells it. This means any question you ask yourself can mobilize the immense power of your subconscious mind.

Take advantage of this power and start getting more out of your life!

We'll show you how to use good questions to draw out your own inner wisdom.


We will show you how to turn up the volume so you hear your higher guidance and truth.

For over 10 years, we have been using Smart Questions to coach thousands of individuals around the world. We know from experience how powerful questions are in raising our consciousness and empowering us to live differently. Please give them a try - you won't look back.

If you sign up with Smart Questions today, you will receive a DAILY personalized email.

Each personalized Smart Question email contains:

  • A unique and thought-provoking inspirational quote.
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Take your pick...

Whatever challenges you may have right now, we have good questions to help you get through those struggles. We offer different themes so you can focus on your top priority for attention. Or you may choose our Maintaining Balance series that covers all.

  • Self Control Questions - Clarify your goals and manage your minutes. Stay on top of what is important to you. Become more effective and efficient. Spark your motivation. Overcome procrastination.
  • Emotions Questions - Break through what holds you back. Become more conscious of the unconscious programs that cause pain. Reduce resistance, anxiety, stress and worry. Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility as you connect with your authentic self.
  • Develop Mind Questions - Become more aware of how your mind creates your reality. Expand your creativity. Open the door to higher intuition and inner motivation. Be inspired to be all you can be.
  • Develop Spirituality Questions - Practice daily spiritual living. Connect with your own divinity. Explore your life purpose. Trust your intuition.

Receive a series of 90 days of daily smart question e-mails for each theme.


  • Printer friendly, single page handouts that feature great questions on topics relevant to that theme.
  • Request a new theme at any time.
  • Stop a series at any time and choose another,
  • Take more than one series at a time.
  • Get access to new themes we add to the site, with no additional charge.
  • Get ALL of the questions for each of the topics on the left side navigation.
  • PLUS you get printer friendly PDF pages of ALL of our questions.

The email resources are here and you can choose how to use them best.

What a big offering for such a small price!

For all of these Smart Question series and more, visit Higher Awareness.

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For all of these Smart Question series and more, visit Higher Awareness.

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Remember - "Quality questions create a quality life." -- Anthony Robbins

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